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Visual thinking

Peoples learning styles are different in so many ways. Be it listening, seeing, or doing, everyone's learning style is unique. Since people are consuming information constantly, everyone should also be aware of his/her best way to learn things.

Visalyze is designed to help visual thinkers in understanding and acting on social media. Essentially, image and graphical illustrations dominate thoughts of visual thinkers. Sights and experiences are primarily what's remembered and visual thinkers tend to be very effective in rearranging things and remembering where things are. Many past inventors think visually and many great things have come out of it.

Are you the next Nikola Tesla?

Are you a visual thinker?


Our goal is to enable people to act on social media through of visual pattern identification.

Therefore, we combine data visualization, social analysis, big data management and advanced crawling mechanisms to provide visual insights.

Facebook, Twitter and co. have forever changed the way people use the Web today. For the first time Internet is living up to its promise of truly bi-directional and equal communication between its many users. Acting on social media in times when organizations are simply outnumbered by fans and followers, communication and interaction becomes more and more complex. To live up to expectations of fans and followers clever visualizations are used describing insights in the big data of social channels.